The Bro Mitzvah 3

Barney plays Xing Hai Shi Bu Xing

Xing Hai Shi Bu Xing (行还是不行) (Translated as Deal or No Deal?) is a game Barney plays in Atlantic City​​, Good Crazy, and The Bro Mitzvah. It is an incredibly complicated casino game which nobody who doesn't speak Mandarin Chinese is able to comprehend, with Marshall being the sole exception having understood the basics of the game by watching Barney play against his old gambling buddies.

It involves poker chips, a deck of cards, dice, Mah-Jong tiles, a big 6 wheel, having the players switch seats with each other, and three girls with a hidden jelly bean. It later includes a chicken and reveals that the jelly beans come in different colors (orange and black) and the color determines whether you win or lose money.

Barney states that he played this game intensely during his days in Atlantic City when he was addicted to gambling, which cost him his entire life savings. He also mentions it in his blog.