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Works With Carlos Girl was a guest at the parties that Ted threw in Purple Giraffe.

In Purple Giraffe, Ted runs to meet Robin at a location where she is reporting and informs her that he is throwing a party. He holds it repeatedly when she says that she is unable to come and she only manages to come when he holds the party for a third successive night.

At the Friday night party, Barney picks a girl who doesn't know anyone else, she just says she works with a guy named Carlos (who no one else seems to know). However, this woman returns to the parties in the subsequent nights and deciding that the best way to get rid of her was by following Ted's "I think I'm in love with you" line, he manages to end their relationship. Nevertheless, she appears at the Sunday night party as well and he eventually finds that she is with the guy who Ted tried to setup Robin with.

At the end of the night, the entire gang are at the bar, talking and getting to know Robin. Also at the bar is Carlos, and the girl making out.

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