For the former employ at GNB, see Randy Wharmpess.
Wharmpess is a very successful beer, created by Randy Wharmpess.

In Canning Randy, Randy was thrilled that he was fired, as he plans to use his severance to start up his own beer brewery. However, Marshall feels incredibly guilty and convinces Arthur to have Randy rehired and urges him to be more benevolent. Later, Randy offers Marshall a bottle of his homemade beer to make amends; noting how good it tastes, Marshall fires Randy, leaving both men pleased. Future Ted states Randy does in fact start his own brewing company, brewing a beer called Wharmpess, which in the future becomes a success.

In Good Crazy, the beer that Ted is talking to is a Premium Wharmpess.

In Something New, Lily and Ted are seen drinking Wharmpess.

Unaired Commercial

How I Met Your Mother- Unaired Wharmpess Beer Ad00:44

How I Met Your Mother- Unaired Wharmpess Beer Ad

Notes and Trivia

  • It is a joke name seeing as "Wharmpess" sounds like "warm piss".

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