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Ted Mosby - dated once
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Vicky is a girl Ted credits with getting him back in the game after being left at the altar by Stella. She appeared in The Naked Man.

She and Ted flirt while riding an elevator, and Ted asks her out after several such encounters. She accepts his invitation, but it soon turns out that she's far from the perfect partner for Ted, as her attitude borders on jerkiness with people of all types, from waiters (whom she scolds into offering her and Ted an appetizer on the house) to old people (at whom she laughs when they fall off stairs).

Since he cannot imagine having a relationship with Vicky, Ted decides to try the Naked Man. At her apartment, Ted notices a poem bookmarked to his favorite Pablo Neruda poem, and he starts forming a second impression about her, making him reconsider taking off his clothes. However he then learns that the book is a leftover from a former date of Vicky's, and she considers the book a "turd". It only takes a couple of seconds for her to turn her back on Ted only to find him standing naked in front of her. After a short moment of hesitation, she accepts Ted's wordless suggestion of sex.


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