Hey guys! So this is my first blog post and I am obsessed with HIMYM, I know everything there is to know about How I Met Your Mother! Anyways as my first blog post I'm going to share my mother theory.

The mother is Carly Whittaker! Barney's half/step-sister!

It all makes sense! 

1. He meets the mother at Barney's wedding (well Farhampton train station). Of course she's going to be there since she's Barney's sister. 

2. She's not at the house when Barney goes over for dinner because she's in college, no specific college is mentioned but there is a possibility she goes to Colombia which fits in to the fact that the mother was in the Economics class Ted taught by accident his first day.

3. Although Ted refers to all his friends as aunt and uncle to his kids. Barney and Robin would literally (haha because of Robin's excessive use of that word) be their aunt and uncle which Barney would love because then Ted and him would be actual "bro's" 

4. It was revealed the mother's childhood home is 10 minutes from Ted's house and as said in Legendaddy, Barney's father's house is 10 minutes from Ted's house is Westchester. 

So there it is folks! She's the mother!

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