• Spiderdan

    robin and barney

    December 9, 2011 by Spiderdan

    so after seeing a the last ep, as well as a re-run of the wedding ep where ted and robin break up i am not so sure about robin and barney ending up together.

    in a nutshell, after ted and robin break up, future ted tells his kids that robin ends up travelling the world and living in japan and argentina (already happened), and a few other places (which haven't happened). so at some point robin must take off, dunno if that's before or after barney's wedding.

    in other episodes: future ted i think mentions some other dude that robin had the hots for being part of the story down the track, so maybe she ends up with him. he also mentions how weird things got soon because (something along the lines of) not being able to be close buddies with exes …

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  • Spiderdan

    the mother...

    May 12, 2011 by Spiderdan

    .....jerome's daughter (barney's half sister), carly?

    jerome mentions in legendaddy that his daughter, carly, is at college.

    ted says his future wife and mother of his kids is at college. she plays bass in a band (musical interest gained from jerome's background). they meet at a wedding where ted is best man (maybe barney and robin or the english chick's).

    this mother ends up being someone ted almost meets regularly (st. pats day- maybe the girl he bumps into or she is a smookescreen, slutty pumpkin, rachel bilson's college room mate, the blind date that ted bailed on to help lilly) and will probably be somewhere in the mclarren's in the pilot episode as that's where the story of how he met the mother began (also ted's parents mentioned they m…

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