Do you ever walked past a house and see the lights on? Aren’t you tempted to have a sneaky peek inside? Go on admit it! Don’t worry, it’s not too sinful, it’s just a natural instinct and is how the human race got where it is today. Curiosity might have killed the cat but for us it is an unstoppable force; it sells millions of newspapers every day, keeps social media alive and has created a whole new industry in an attempt to please all those insatiable virtual readers and viewers.

TV companies are pretty smart and rely on our imagination to fill in a lot of gaps - think of the long running series of Friends or How I met your Mother (HIMYM) - if you have seen it often enough you can visualize the scenes but of course you only see them from the camera angle, you never see the other side of the room. Where exactly do Marshall and Lily disappear to when they drag each other off set for their love trysts? Are these characters superhuman? They never seem to take trips to the bathroom and where is it anyway? What about Ted’s bedroom - are we ever going to see him with the ever elusive “Mrs Right” sneak off into their love nest?

Now somebody with an equally enquiring mind has applied their creativity to answer all these questions. Using a 3D design program they have done all the groundwork for us - here you can see the whole flat pretty well laid out and with many of the props too. There’s the piano, the fireplace, the table lamp and the coffee table. Admittedly it looks as it the cleaner has just been around but it's imaginative and a great visualization. By rotating the plan you get a 360º view and can picture your favourite characters going about their daily lives; become a virtual voyeur, in the nicest possible sense, and without a twinge of guilt either!

How I met your Mother


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