• Samba-boy

    As I live in The Netherlands, I wasn't able to watch the airing of the season-finale live. Well, I was able, if I was eager enough to stay up at 3AM local time, just to watch a live stream which would be filmed with a potato. So, I decided to wait a few days and get the episodes in HD and even with some nice Dutch subtitles. Awesome. Sitting in my comfy chair, hooking up my hard disk with episode and subs on it... I was ready for it.

    And that was the moment when I thought back at the first moment I heard of this sitcom. It was a few years ago, as I was changing channels. All of a sudden, I was watching some unknown people who were sitting in a bar, talking about Canada. New sitcom? I started really watching, and it was awesome. I don't even…

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