How I Met Your Mother.

It's not just a show for me (at least). It's a way to find ourselves. We all have different characters in ourselves and the only thing required to unlock it, is the right push.

First time when I watched HIMYM, I was in my worst situation, I was living in a flat far from my home and my so called friends cum flatmates usually weren't around me and it was the time of my 12th exams so I was pretty depressed already. And that's the story of how I met "How I Met Your Mother".

I started binge watching and completed all of 208 episodes in like 5-7 days. But I wasn't ready to give up on HIMYM yet. Like finally I had found something which had helped, made me laugh in a very long time and quite frankly it made me desperate to make some awesome friends like the group.

And the Ending though, it was very controversial and some of them were disappointed with it, I didn't felt the same. It was the perfect way to end it, to tie all loose ends. And personally speaking it made my cry.

To this day infact, when I hear "Remember, remember, All we fight for..." it gives me chills. And watching it always makes my eyes to start tipping.

PS: I know this post isn't that good, but I promise to follow up and update. If you want to give any suggestions please feel free to comment.

From,                                                                                                                                                                  Yet another HIMYM fan.

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