Love is in the air for a certain foursome on How I Met Your Mother this season. And we're not talking about our normal core cast members; this will be involving Robin, Barney, Nora, and Kal Penn's new character! We all saw Robin's reaction to Barney's attraction to Nora but it will become intense this season and even physical between the two women! A girl fight between two hot women...fighting over him!? Barney's dream or nightmare?

TV Line interviewed Neil Patrick Harris and Cobie Smulders to get the latest scoop on their characters's feelings.



If Barney and Robin ship is your endgame, NPH seems to have hope for the two lovebirds: “I think Barney’s infatuation with Nora revolves less around a specific attribute about her and more probably about timing,” he explains. That’s not to say Barney doesn’t have feelings for Nora – “He genuinely likes her,” says Harris – but “this whole Season 7 is a lot about timing. And she appeared at a time when he was emotionally available to fall for someone.”

Moreover, Barney will always be "Barney." He’ll be back in “player mode” in the season premiere. “Barney’s growth in Season 6 was more emotional and his growth in Season 7 will be more…” Harris trails off before finally adding with a smile, “genital.”

Hey, we're not ruling anything out with Barney!


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Robin seems to have difficulty coping with this new development in her life. If you recall, Robin and Nora are actually co-workers! The love triangle will definitely have an effect on her professional life.

Cobie Smulders: “She’s been quite aggressive at the moment with letting Barney know without actually saying it. I think, eventually, she’ll do what she thinks is right.”

The love triangle will blossom into a love rectangle (square? quadrangle?) when her "aggression" lands her in therapy with Kal Penn. Maybe this will finally let her deal with her daddy/commitments issues.

“There is something to having a man who forces you to talk about the sh—y things in your life,” says the actress with a laugh. “He’s doing that for her, and she’s never been confronted with that before.”

What do you think, HIMYM fans? Are you rooting for Barney and Robin? Do you still harbor hope for Ted and Robin? Tell us if you're Team Nora or Team Robin in the comments!

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