I really have to say, I'll miss this show so much. I've gotten to love these characters so much, and to think that there won't be any more of them is something really sad. I'll miss Marshall and Lily's impossibly awesome mushy romance, Barney's unsafe and self destructive habits, and most of all, I'll miss Ted's story. Don't get me wrong, I know that it has to end, and I'm really looking foward to Ted finally being happy, but I want... more. Throughout the series, I've always admired the framing device, Ted telling his kids how he met the woman he loves. It's really what, at least initially sparked my interest and is what puts this show leaps and bounds over everyother moronic recyceled sitcom. What I didn't like is that it isn't called back too enough, we only see one stock footage shot of the kids sitting there looking bored, and I feel like they missed a lot of opportunities to include this device in some of the story. Ted forgets some parts, he gets interrupted, or the Mother walks in the room, or one of the kids says something. Granted all the kids scenes are stock footage taken around season 1 (which is absolutely incredible to me, that the makers can think and really plan so far ahead), but I really wish there was more of them. Anyways, I'm sure we'll see them have hopefully atleast a speaking role in season 9. 

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