As the site grows, it becomes more helpful to add some policies to help maintain consistency. While I am working on a few more, these can be considered mostly complete. They will not be considered official for a few days at least so feel free to add your own thoughts to the talk pages if you disagree.

Finally, we need to decide on a shortcut method for policies. These are for quick linking to the policies and are very useful when discussion the policy on talk pages and edit summaries. Wikipedia uses WP:XXXX for the shortcuts to their policies. WP refers to the "Project namespace" where policies are stored. Here, that project namespace is "How I Met Your Mother Wiki". XXXX is either an acronym of the policy name or some other abbreviation depending on the subject of the policy.

We can use either HIMYMW as the shortened form of the project namespace but that's still rather long. Alternatively we can use HW or HMW as a shorter version. Once a form is decided on, we will create redirects to the policy pages.

Other policies to be considered:

  • Additional policies from the simplified ruleset
  • A policy to decide on how we should case articles (upper/lower/title case). How does it apply to page titles, category names, and subheadings within an article
  • Policies for dealing with vandalism

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