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  • JediRogue

    New Policies Drafted

    January 4, 2011 by JediRogue

    As the site grows, it becomes more helpful to add some policies to help maintain consistency. While I am working on a few more, these can be considered mostly complete. They will not be considered official for a few days at least so feel free to add your own thoughts to the talk pages if you disagree.

    • How I Met Your Mother Wiki:Be bold - part of disassembling the "simplified ruleset" into separate policies. This is one of the most general wiki policies
    • How I Met Your Mother Wiki:Tone - states that we should use an "in-universe" tone
    • How I Met Your Mother Wiki:English - states that we should stick to an American English spelling throughout the wiki

    Finally, we need to decide on a shortcut method for policies. These are for quick linking to the …

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  • JediRogue

    Xmas! Books! Bros!

    December 25, 2010 by JediRogue

    Guess who got The Bro Code and The Playbook for Xmas? This gal! (That's a lot cooler with the hand gestures.) But those articles should get cleaned up as a result—when I get the chance. Plus, they are pretty funny, so there is always that.

    Merry Xmas, ya'll! Here's hoping no one steals your holiday!

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  • JediRogue

    HIMYM Wiki on Facebook

    December 11, 2010 by JediRogue
    The wiki is now present on Facebook with our new Facebook page:

    You can "Like" us on Facebook and keep up with wiki news on Facebook.

    Ideally, I am trying to set it up so the wiki's twitter feed will also update that page. Facebook/Twitter seems to be bugged so that set up it taking a while (if anyone knows how to set that up properly please let me know). But I'll do my best to keep both updated.

    HIMYM Wiki on Facebook

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  • JediRogue

    Wiki Twitter

    November 16, 2010 by JediRogue
    To help spread the word about the wiki and provide information about the wiki (and the show), I've created a HIMYM Wiki Twitter: @HIMYM_wiki.

    I'll be tweeting links to popular articles, announcements of new features and content on the wiki as well as retweeting juicy posts from other HIMYM twitter feeds and occasionally Wikia.

    The account is also following show-related feeds and relative twitter accounts if you are looking for more info on the show.

    For new info I miss, just send me an @ or direct message on that account and preferably my normal feed to make sure I get it (@heatherarbiter).

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  • JediRogue

    New logo

    November 8, 2010 by JediRogue

    I wanted to make a new logo for a little while, especially to go with the new wikia skin. This logo was a drawing of a yellow umbrella since its kind of the "icon" for HIMYM. It also features the name of the show written in the style of the title card. The new color scheme on the site is meant go with the logo.

    If anyone wants to take the logo and make a vector graphic to get a better quality image or just sharpen it, let me know and I'll pass on the .psd file.

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