- I never thought of Ted's and Robin's chemistry as romantic. I don't know. They definitely had cute chemistry. Still do. But so do Barney and Lily, and they are few and far between who think that Barney and Lily should get together.

- I think that Robin's feelings for Ted stemmed more from jealousy than anything else. She liked him and all, don't get me wrong, but I think that she really didn't develop true "feelings" for him until she saw him with Victoria, remember?

- And for those who remember Robin getting all excited to go to the wedding with Ted, okay this is going to sound a little funny, but remember, she LIKED Ted and all, and she really wasn't a very emotional person (I mean she still isn't but even less so then, at the beginning of season one). So I think that she knew he loved her, and she confused her feelings of friendship and some attraction for deeper feelings, subconsciously.

- When she said or did anything in her relationship with Ted, it always seemed a tad forced to me. Like she was just saying what she was supposed to say. He was someone whom she cared about, and she seemed so comfortable in their relationship. But it always lacked that extra bit of passion, and I am pretty sure that was entirely Robin (I mean, who would argue that Ted hasn't always been infatuated with Robin)

- Oh, and she really only went out with him (the second time) because of badgering. And blue orchestras. And him being her friend. And more badgering.

- When she said "I love you" she really seemed to say it because of nice things he did for her. Like she knew they were in it for the long haul, and he was so sweet, and she LIKED him, and she really should say it, shouldn't she?

- I guess the point is.... Robin never seemed that in love with Ted to me. It always seemed to me like their entire relationship was like their marriage at forty pact, with Ted caring much more deeply about it than Robin, relying on it, even, and Robin just using it as safety, so she wouldn't end up alone.

Good grief this is rambling. I apologize. If anyone wants to contest me I will back up my statements with all my heart! :)

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