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    April 30, 2013 by HeavyDonkeyKong

    am bwggin peopel to voice their opinions on this: How I think thsi series shoudl end: I want two more episdoes for thsi season:

    What's Past Is Past Part 1: Ted and Marshal are on there way to Barney after Ted ahs been summoned. They plan a nice surprise for the Bride and Geroom. marshal prepares for the alte rwhen ted makes hisway to Barney and finds him crying. Barney says that the amount of women that he slept with would make Robin leave him at the altar. Ted telss Doug to kdeep Barney from running away, as Barney says he wants to do, and he goes to talk to Robin. Robin says hat BArney is not going to want to marry ehr because she is not fertile. Ted tells Robin to confess in a letter. BArney reads it and knwos Robin wrote it due to hasnd…

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