1. Barney and Robin get married

2. Ted married the woman he meets at Farhamton (They meet in the New York area “Lucky Penny”, she was at Barney and Robins wedding “Big Days/Magicians Code 2”, she has the umbrella “Wait For It”, she could have been at the bar “No Tomorrow”, she could have been Ted's matchmaker match ”Milk”, she is/was Cindy’s roommate plays base and is seen with an instrument case at Farhamton “Girls Vs Suits”, and she could have been in Ted’s class because she is a new character “The Leap”)

3. Ted and his new wife have 2 beautiful children

Then for the 1 hour series finale the series fast forwards to the present day (well the future) where Ted is telling the story.

4.  Ted is telling his children the amazing story of How I Met Your Mother because we find out the mother had died. (sad)

5. We also find out that Barney and Robin's marriage failed.

6. One of Ted's kids talks with Aunt Lily and tells her that he just told them a REALLY LONG story but also how lonely their Dad is.

7. Lily talks with Robin about Ted and accidently tells Robin how Ted broke it off from Vicotoria.

8. Robin pursues Ted (with Ted enthusiasm "making it rain" kind of thing)

9. Series finale of How I Met Your Mother, older Ted with kids marries older Robin. 

This uses what we know from the past, has the plot twists that the producers promised, and have Ted and Robin ending up together in the end, since the show began Season 1 Episode 1 with Ted’s absolute desire for Robin.  In Ted’s HIMYM story she is Aunt Robin, after telling the story they get married.

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