• EmJay12

    My Insane HIMYM hypothysis

    December 6, 2012 by EmJay12

    1. Barney and Robin get married

    2. Ted married the woman he meets at Farhamton (They meet in the New York area “Lucky Penny”, she was at Barney and Robins wedding “Big Days/Magicians Code 2”, she has the umbrella “Wait For It”, she could have been at the bar “No Tomorrow”, she could have been Ted's matchmaker match ”Milk”, she is/was Cindy’s roommate plays base and is seen with an instrument case at Farhamton “Girls Vs Suits”, and she could have been in Ted’s class because she is a new character “The Leap”)

    3. Ted and his new wife have 2 beautiful children

    Then for the 1 hour series finale the series fast forwards to the present day (well the future) where Ted is telling the story.

    4.  Ted is telling his children the amazing story of How I Met…

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