Season 9!  For those of you who don't know, I'm Matt, the wiki's second admin. I began doing these reviews last season (by last season I mean just the last episode lol), and I am going to do this for the rest of Season 9. Today, I’m gunna do the episodes with separate reviews, just due to the sheer length that they are.


When Craig and Carter said that Season 9 episodes would be distinct, and instantly recognizable, they really meant it. This episode jumped back and forth faster than Barney (used to) jump on a sad, vulnerable 10/10 at a bar. The episode opens with Ted and Lily driving on the freeway, where another one of Ted's little quirks surfaces again. I actually found this pretty funny, especially the line about the 'glove compartment', but other than that, it provided very little progress for the storyline. Not much of Ted is seen for the rest of the episode; however, he is the topic that Lily brings up while talking to none other than... The Mother! Lily’s storyline with the other was amazing. Despite some negative reactions, Cristin Milioti performed well beyond what anyone expected of her, including me. I admit that when I watched Something New , I had some (minor) doubts about Cristin being the mother. However, this episode solidified for me at least, that she is THE perfect fit for the mother. The way she portrays the titular character, shows a witty, beautiful, and most importantly Ted-like personality; a perfect fit for Ted.

Anyways, enough mother worship, lets get back to the review. I thought that the interaction between the Mother and Lily was a great addition to the episode; it was funny but also progressed with the plot of the episode.

The Marshall and Daphne storyline I found to be quite amusing at certain times, but at other times it was boring. The opening was kind of dull in my opinion, with Marshall discovering that he might ruin the wedding, but it went uphill from there. The funniest moment between them, for me, was the `Just press options` bit, wherein Marvin was the one who deleted the picture.

The Robin and Barney storyline, though worth noting, was not as good as the rest of the in episode plots, but Ranjit (as always) made it better for me. All in all, the episode was only a good episode, however a GREAT start to a new season. 

Matt`s Rating: 7.5/10

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