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    So I'm back after not writing a review for many episodes.  My school has been pretty busy, plus the quality of the episodes haven't really drawn me to write.  But this episode redeemed HIMYM for me, so before we begin I may as well present my thoughts on the past week's episodes:

    (You chose... Wesley LOL) 7/10

    I loved this week's episode, it was funny, sad and heartwarming all at the same time, making it easily one of the best of the season and also redeeming HIMYM as a show for me (I never lost hope, I just thought the episodes weren't as good as they could be).

    Anyways, lets begin with Marshall and Daphne, the funny part of this episode.  They're still driving together, but bad weather forces them to rest in Cleveland for the ni…

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  • Dianna's Lover

    Last week's episode was pretty hard to improve on and it was pretty evident in this episode.  Now scroll down and read.

    The (Bro)ken Code wasn't nearly as good as last weeks episode, and in fact, I believe it was the weakest episode of the season.

    Picking up from where the last episode left off, the Broken Code opens with Barney confessing to Ted that he saw him and Robin holding hands. Ted explains himself, and Barney, to my surprise and I'm pretty sure everyone elses forgave him right away. Of course it was a ridiculously forced apology acception, so we automatically know that he's faking it. That's actually where I was the most surprised (at first, I'll get to that later). When I was watching it, I found it rather odd the Barney would…

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    I LOVE SEASON 9.  Last week's episodes were good, but todays?  Amazing.  They're really upping the ante now that the premiere is over and done with, with relatively good reception.

    This episode was near perfection.  I mean, really its up there with  and as my top episodes. Both the episodes listed before were some of my favourites for different reasons, Slap Bet, being the most hilarious episode, introducing the slap bet, and introducing Sparkles. Girls vs. Suits was amazing because it was the first glimpse of the Mother (awesome). But Last Time in New York was funny and had great plot development (despite the fact that they're still milking the T+R thing.)

    Anyways, Marshall's story was a bit toned down this week, after a very Marshall cent…

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    Coming Back Review

    September 25, 2013 by Dianna's Lover

    Part 2/2, lets get it done!

    Although I thought The Locket was good, Coming Back really ups the ante, and was an incredible way to start Season 9.  

    As per usual, I'm going to break up the episode into its various subplots, and this time I'm going to start with Lily and Ted's storyline (which actually intertwines with Robin and Barney's but we'll get to that).  The episode opens with Lily and Ted (again), who are both asking for the key's to their rooms.  The man who helps them (Curtis) is a great addition to the cast; his reaction towards Ted being by himself at this romantic hotel is priceless.  Lily goes on to discover that Marshall may not make it to the wedding, causing her to get the "Kennedy Package" from the bartender, Linus.  As we'v…

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  • Dianna's Lover

    The Locket Review

    September 24, 2013 by Dianna's Lover

    Season 9!  For those of you who don't know, I'm Matt, the wiki's second admin. I began doing these reviews last season (by last season I mean just the last episode lol), and I am going to do this for the rest of Season 9. Today, I’m gunna do the episodes with separate reviews, just due to the sheer length that they are.

    When Craig and Carter said that Season 9 episodes would be distinct, and instantly recognizable, they really meant it. This episode jumped back and forth faster than Barney (used to) jump on a sad, vulnerable 10/10 at a bar. The episode opens with Ted and Lily driving on the freeway, where another one of Ted's little quirks surfaces again. I actually found this pretty funny, especially the line about the 'glove compartment',…

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