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  • CreddilyBori

    So, everyone has their guesses on what could possibly happen in the season finale as well as the series finale. I have 4 guesses:

    Guess 1. (this was posted as a comment before) Maybe it would be something like, when Barney proposes to Quinn, Quinn accepts. And in the flash forward, It is seen that Quinn is the bride. In Season 8, (if Becki Newton stays longer which is very possible.) we would see more about Quinn and Barney as an engaged couple, but as things are happening Barney realizes that he can't hide the fact that he's not over Robin. He struggles to forget about Robin and Quinn (without him noticing) notices how Barney has been struggling. So he calls Ted, as the best man, for some advice. Ted gives him some mushy advice that will hel…

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  • CreddilyBori


    March 23, 2012 by CreddilyBori

    Hello =) thanks for welcoming me. :)

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  • CreddilyBori

    For a long time, we have all known how Barney loved his bachelor life. But since Challenge Accepted, everything changed. Barney Stinson is getting married! We've seen Barney become a lot of things but this one got the whole world spinning. Now, the question is: Who is Barney's wife?

    I personally think that Robin Scherbatsky will be the bride. Like what Lily said in The Best Man, Robin and Barney has this chemistry that just doesn't go away. Then again, Quinn is fierce competition. I mean, look at her, smart, sassy and hot. I have been having a hard time thinking who is it gonna be. Is it going to be Quinn? or is it Robin? I think we better wait for 7x24 to find out. :)

    How about you guys? Who would you prefer to be Barney's wife? Quinn or Ro…

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