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Bsennik May 12, 2011 User blog:Bsennik

If you have not seen the new episode i would not advise you reading the rest of the blog because of spoilers.

After seeing the latest episode i have wondered whether Zoey or Ted was right on the debate of the Acrcadian. Zoey had a good reason for wanting to keep the hotel, but i don't think she had much of an argument, i am suprised that she could round up such a large amount of followers for her conquest and nearly won. Ted was right from the beginning, but i think that they used a very cheap way to win over the judge, i mean stealing the lions head.

Another question that i ask, is if Zoey and Ted should have broken up, they might have disagreed on a lot of things, but they were mostly happy together and Zoey being as understanding as she is, could've understood his actions.

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