Yo, I've been a big fan of HIMYM for a while, and I'm pretty new here, so I'm dropping a blog to say hello, if I'm allowed to do that, I'm from the UK, so I won't get episodes as soon as some of you either, if there's anyone I can be introduced to as a friend on this wiki please point me in their direction, lol, well, I guess I should "sell myself" as they say.

My favourite character is Barney Stinson And I do, behave like him, coincidence, I swear.

I'm a teenager

the names Sean, I like to be addressed by Sean, but Boom suits (lol) me too

Male << MALE

I own a wiki, and I've been watching HIMYM non-stop recently, my brother's been getting Agitated about it too, we share a room and I put it on the DVD player. >w< XD

Anyway... That's it! XD

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