Thinking Robin Might Be the Bride I hate to say this, but I think Robin might be the bride... Here's Why

Why I Think Robin Is Barney's Bride

  • Ted said to his kids "You remember Nora", but they would obviously remember Nora if she was married to Barney
  • Nora has never been refered to as Aunt Nora. This is probably in order not to give anything away though.
  • Barney and Nora are dating, but they are going to have to break up in order for Barney and Robin to start dating. They need to be dating before she even has a chance to be a bride, and that won't happen if he's dating Nora

Why Nora Might Actually Be The Bride

  • Nora might have not been refered to as Aunt Nora just so nothing would be given away
  • Robin starts dating Kevin (Kal Penn) which means that she might get over Barney soon
  • Barney is very commited to Nora, and stopped lying for her and waited for over 9hrs in a diner for her.

What do you guys think?

Barneyandnora 13:33, October 1, 2011 (UTC)

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