Now that the series is over (*frown*) the time has come to rewatch the whole series. Plus, this way we can see spot certain things that were mentioned later on in the series. Warning, this journey will contain SPOILERS! 

First I begin this journey with Season 1, Episode 1, the Pilot!

Close to the 50 second mark Ted tells Marshall not to have sex on the kitchen floor....I'm sorry to inform you Ted, but yes, Marshall and Lily will throughout the series have sex on the kitchen floor. 

Note: Ted was there the first time Marshall and Lily had, note to the world of reality, if possible, don't have sex when your roommate is in the room; roommates don't always appreicate it.

Barney: "Don't get married until you are 30"....well Ted, you didn't HAVE to take Barney's words seriously. 

Robin is first seen with a group of only girls. Throughout the series Robin is known to have very few friends that are girls. So we must ask, who are these girls, where did they come from, and where did they go? 

"De....wait for it....neid!" -Might be the first 'wait for it'! Also, 'Suit Up' is introduced in this episode.

The Olive Theory is introduced! 

Lazer Tag with Barney occurs! [Fun fact, Neil Patrick Harris's (Barney's character) audition tape includes him playing Lazer Tag!] 

Isn't stealing, even if it's a Blue French Horn, against the law? Sorry everybody, but Ted could have gotten arrested. 

Ranjit, an important character that appears throughout the show is introduced! Also, he is from Bangladesh, and I'm surprised that Barney didn't make a sexual innuendo about it. 

Don't be a Ted! Don't tell a girl (or boy) that you love them on the first date! Well, you can, but it's not recommended.

Yes kids, it is a long story....but just sit back and get comfortable and in about 9 years the story should finally be over.

Thank you for checking out the blog! Hopefully through my adventure of blogging about the whole show, I will improve on writing these! And I apologize to those who did not see the all-in-caps SPOILER note in the first paragraph! I tried to warn you! 

-Brooklyn BCitySchreier (talk) 05:40, April 19, 2014 (UTC)

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