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  • BCitySchreier


    Now that the series is over (*frown*) the time has come to rewatch the whole series. Plus, this way we can see spot certain things that were mentioned later on in the series. Warning, this journey will contain SPOILERS! 

    First I begin this journey with Season 1, Episode 1, the Pilot!

    Close to the 50 second mark Ted tells Marshall not to have sex on the kitchen floor....I'm sorry to inform you Ted, but yes, Marshall and Lily will throughout the series have sex on the kitchen floor. 

    Note: Ted was there the first time Marshall and Lily had, note to the world of reality, if possible, don't have sex when your roommate is in the room; roommates don't always appreicate it.

    Barney: "Don't get married until you are 30"....well Ted, yo…

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  • BCitySchreier

    Well, the the event finally occured, the last episode of 'How I Met Your Mother' just aired; which of course I watched! But there is this one question that kept bugging me, since the previous episode, Season 9 episode 26 ("End of the Aisle"), there were a loose ends answered in the end credits in concern to the personal lives of a few side characters. But Victoria, starring the lovely Ashley Williams, was not mentioned what so-ever, leaving the rest of us only knowing that she was a baker in Germany when she returned the locket to Ted before the wedding of Barney and Robin! Which is hardly a satisfied explanation of her future.

    Now I have a personal attachment to the character Victoria, "The Wedding" (Season 1, episode 12) was the first epi…

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