• Asnow89

    HIMYM Finale Party

    March 26, 2014 by Asnow89

    To celebrate (or mourn) the finale of How I Met Your Mother this Monday, March 31, we have prepared the ultimate How I Met Your Mother themed party menu.

    A few pro (or should we say...bro) tips:

    1. Play none other than Robin Sparkles during your party
    2. Suit UP
    3. Have blue be the main color theme to represent the blue horn
    4. Don't fight over the food- remember Article 62, a bro that calls "dibs" first, has dibs.

    Serve up some Pineapple Soy-glazed Chicken Wings to your guests because chicken wings are a McLaren's Bar regular (Ted orders them in The Perfect Cocktail). Pineapples are also a big part of How I Met Your Mother (we are, of course, referring to The Pineapple Incident). Hide a pineapple or two around your party, just for fun.

    This mayo-tastic …

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