I saw a post a while back, where someone was asking the admins to make a list of all the things we don't know yet. That Future Ted have said "We'll Get To That" about. And I needed something to do for the summer, so I rewatched all eight released seasons and made this list:

  1. We'll get to... The story of the goat in my bathroom (s01e21 Milk)                                                                                       Ted was attacked by the goat (s04e24 The Leap)
  2. We'll get to... The story of my 30th birthday (s01e21 Milk)                                                                                                   Barney and Robin slept together (s03e17 The Goat)
  3. We'll get to... Who is messing up picking up chicks for Barney? (s03e17 The Bracket)                                                         It was Abby - Stellas receptionist (s03e19 Everything must go)
  4. We'll get to... "The Wedding Bride" (s04e23 As fast as she can)                                                                                         Tony made a movie about Ted, where he was the bad guy (s05e23 The Wedding Bride)
  5. We'll get to... Finding the last Doppelgangers (s05e02 Double Date)                                                                                     Mexican Wrestler Ted (s05e22 Robots Versus Wrestlers                                                                               Doctor Barney (s06e13 Bad News)
  6. We'll get to... Ted wearing a green dress/"Now We're Even" (s06e11 The Mermaid Theory)                                                     Ted had to get a girl's number while wearing a dress (s07e21 Now We're Even)
  7. We'll get to... The story of the Ducky Tie (s07e01 The Best Man)                                                                                         Barney had to wear a Ducky Tie for a year because he lost a bet (s07e03 Ducky Tie)
  8. We'll get to... The story of Robin being a bullfighter (s07e12 Symphony of Illumination)                                                                     *******We haven't gotten to this yet*********
  9. We'll get to... Robins career getting a boost after New Years when she covered for Sandy (s07e13 Tailgate)                           She got to be Sandy's co-ancor (s07e19 The Broath)                                                                                     She landed a helicopter without knowing how to (s07e21 Now We're Even)
  10. We'll get to... Robin & Ted not seeing each other in a long time (s07e19 The Broath)                                                             They saw each other again when Lily went into labour (s07e22 Good Crazy)
  11. We'll get to... Robin finding out why Ted and Victoria broke up (s08e05 The Autumn of Breakups)                                                    *******We haven't gotten to this yet*********
  12. We'll get to... The Trial /or/ Why that trial changed Marshalls life (s08e07 The Stamp Tramp)                                                 Marshall applying to be a judge (s08e08 Twelve Horny Women)

So that's my list, please tell me if you find any errorsand I hope you enjoy :)

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