Trey Platt
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Trey "The Noogie Machine" Platt
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Trey Platt is the minister who lead the ceremony of Marvin Eriksen's funeral.

In Last Words, following the death of Marshall's dad, the entire gang travel to St. Cloud, Minnesota with him to attend his dad's funeral. The gang overhear Judy talking to the minister, thanking him for leading the funeral services later. However, the minister apologizes as he won't be able to attend the ceremony, but leaves them in the hands of his reverend son, Trey.

Marshall turns to the gang and reveals that Trey was the toughest bully in school and terrorized him growing up. Later, Trey asks the Eriksen family what their last words with Marvin were, in order to create a theme for the funeral.


  • Father: Reverend Platt
  • Sister(s): Unnamed sister who went into labor in Chicago

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