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Treasure is the stripper that Barney hired for Marshall's bachelor party.

In Bachelor Party, Ted has planned out a bachelor party for Marshall, but Barney wants to offer some input, but Marshall has said that he does not want a stripper at his bachelor party. Ted's planned bachelor party involved watching a boxing match and eating large steaks from a cow he bought online. Barney foils this by getting a stripper called Treasure into the hotel room.

To make matters worse, Treasure breaks her ankle, causing everyone to miss the boxing match as she must go to the hospital, and then Barney demands that she continue on with the rest of her show, as she wants to do it. The rest of her show causes everyone but Barney to lose their appetite, and to top it all off, they are kicked out of the hotel.


  • Spouse: Unnamed Fiancé
  • Father: Estranged Father
  • Children: Unnamed Daughters

Notes and Trivia

Bachelor Party - The Strippers Show02:02

Bachelor Party - The Strippers Show

  • An extended version of the scene with Treasure posted on the How I Met Your Mother MySpace page reveals that her show involves an extensive number of props, including: handcuffs; a ping pong paddle; a whip; a baton; an umbrella; a feather cat toy; a pylon; a lantern; foam fingers; a hippity hop ball; a large water jug; a blow-up giraffe; a fire extinguisher; a typewriter (Barney mentions one in a subsequent scene, the prop is unseen); cupcakes (snacks—it's a long show). [1]


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