Portrayed by:
Katie A. Keane
First appearance:
Also Known As:
Employee at the Lusty Leopard
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Tracy, known by the stage name Amber, is an employee at the Lusty Leopard. She introduces herself to Ted at the end of Belly Full of Turkey.

She tells him that Ted's decision to pay for another man's lap dance was "really sweet", and asks him if he'd like a dance. Ted declines, but the two shake hands. She introduces herself as Amber, but tells Ted a second later that her name is actually Tracy.

Future Ted tells his kids that this is the story of how he met their mother, only to laugh at their shocked expressions and tell them he's joking.

Notes and Trivia

  • She shares her name with the mother, Tracy McConnell. Before the mother's name was revealed in the final episode, there was already speculation that The Mother's name might be Tracy, since Ted's kids believe his joke at first. It's unlikely that they would have believed him if Tracy and the mother didn't share the same name (assuming Ted recalled the encounter verbatim).
  • In The Leap, another girl named Tracy also appears as a victim to one of Barney's lies at Ted's birthday party on the roof. It's notable that Ted didn't meet her.
  • Barney's assistant's name is Tracy. 

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