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Barney is the new group leader!

The Theme Song is a portion of the song "Hey Beautiful" performed by The Solids, and has gone through some special changes through the series.

In Hopeless , Barney introduces The Gang to his father, claiming that they are in a band together which made the subsequent theme song a video of all of them singing it in a band. Marshall plays the piano, Robin plays the drums, Barney plays lead guitar, Lily plays bass and Ted also plays guitar.

In 46 Minutes, Barney claims to be the new leader of the gang, and a theme song with all the photos of the gang replaced with photos of Barney in suits and everyone else looking annoyed. The second appearance is when Stripper Lily and her boyfriend, Arvydas, become "part of the group." The "Russian" theme song this time is similar to the original, but it is sung in a deep voice and all the photos of Marshall and Lily are replaced by Stripper Lily and her menacing boyfriend.

In Bedtime Stories, a music-box version of the the theme song is played.

In How Your Mother Met Me a version with The Mother, Louis, Cindy, Darren and Kelly was used.


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