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The Puzzles Song is a song that Ted, Barney and Kevin sing in Tailgate. It is the theme song for Ted and Barney's apartment-bar, Puzzles.


How I Met Your Mother - A Shared Vision01:48

How I Met Your Mother - A Shared Vision

Puzzles the bar song01:15

Puzzles the bar song

Full Song

Puzzles is a place where people go, to feel like they belong
Gonna take advantage of dumb drunk girls
No we are not (Bro), That would be wrong
A place where wit and wisdom bloom
A place to bang chicks in Ted´s room
Not happening
We´ll talk about it
At Puzzles we all fit together
And I´m the bartender!

At Puzzles we all fit together
On sunny days or stormy weather
So pull up a chair and sit for a spell
There's laughter to share and stories to tell
Puzzles is a place where everyone feels at home
And we bang chicks in Ted´s room.

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