For the episode of the same name, see The Naked Man.

This is a gallery of images taken from the How I Met Your Mother episode The Naked Man.

  • Ted and Vicky flirt in the elevator.
  • Vicky agrees to have dinner with Ted.
  • Ted walks in on a naked Mitch, Robin's date.
  • Mitch explains the Naked Man.
  • Barney is shocked the Naked Man worked on Robin.
  • Lily tries to list 50 reasons to have sex.
  • Barney tells Ted to try the Naked Man with Vicky.
  • Lily continues working on her list, upsetting Marshall.
  • Ted and Vicky have dinner.
  • Barney goes home with Cristina.
  • Ted and Vicky's date starts to crumble.
  • Barney calls Ted to say he's about to Naked Man.
  • Ted tells Barney he's also going to Naked Man.
  • Robin goes out with Mitch again, to prove she's not a slut.
  • Ted presents the Naked Man to Vicky.
  • Vicky eyes a naked Ted.
  • Barney performs the Naked Man to Cristina.
  • Lily presents the Naked Man to Marshall.
  • Ted succeeds; Vicky starts to undress.
  • Lily succeeds; Marshall moves beside Lily.
  • Barney fails; Cristina yells at him to get out.
  • Ted thanks Mitch for teaching him the Naked Man.
  • The gang toast to Mitch.
  • Ted's voiceover compares Mitch to a superhero.

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