For the episode of the same name, see The Fight.

This is a gallery of images taken from the How I Met Your Mother episode The Fight. For more information, see the main article here.

  • Doug asks the guys to help him fight some guys.
  • Recalling his horrible year, Ted agrees to fight.
  • Robin finds fighting very hot.
  • Barney agrees to fight to impress Robin.
  • Barney and Ted go outside, but Doug's already fought them all.
  • Doug blacked out while fighting, and thinks Barney and Ted helped him fight.
  • Barney and Ted hit each other to make it look like they were part of the fight.
  • Barney and Ted are congratulated by people in MacLaren's Bar.
  • Robin flirts with black-eyed and suddenly sexy Barney.
  • Everyone teases Marshall for not fighting.
  • Marshall hates people questioning his manliness.
  • Barney and Ted flirt with girls at MacLaren's Bar.
  • Barney and Ted get sued for fighting.
  • Barney and Ted ask Marshall for legal advice.
  • Marshall lies and tells them they could get serious jail time.
  • Barney and Ted come clean; they didn't really fight.
  • Robin starts flirting with Barney; Marshall tells her they faked the fight.
  • Robin comes up with a bad excuse to leave and slowly walks away.
  • Marshall tells Barney and Ted they're no longer being sued.
  • They realise that because of them, angry Doug is now being sued instead.
  • Doug confronts the gang and insults Ted by saying, "no wonder your fiancée left you".
  • Ted punches Doug.
  • Doug hits him back in retaliation.
  • Marshall steps in and knocks out Doug.
  • Future Ted tells his kids never to fight, as Doug serves beers to the gang.

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