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For the episode of the same name, see The Best Man.

This is a gallery of images taken from the How I Met Your Mother episode The Best Man.

  • Ted sees Barney before his wedding (future)
  • Barney tells Ted about his doubts of getting married (future)
  • Ted prepares his Best Man speech for Punchy's wedding
  • Robin and Barney talk to Ted about his wedding toast.
  • Ted shows this gang his viral wedding toast video
  • Ted crying in the video
  • Ted shows remix version of the video to the gang
  • Ted's photo on the cover of magazine
  • The gang still discussing Ted's toast
  • Lily and Marshall happy about them being pregnant
  • Barney tells Robin about his plan on getting laid at Punchy's wedding
  • Punchy's bride, Kelly
  • Punchy and Kelly offer drinks to Lily and Marshall
  • Lily tells Marshall to drink for her to, since they are hiding Lily's pregnancy
  • Marshall almost destroys the wedding cake
  • Lily realizes that Robin still has feeling for Barney
  • Barney testing a play on a bridesmaid
  • Barney talks Ted up to his friends from high school
  • Marshall finds Ted's friends baby really adorable
  • Robin tells Lily that it is over between her and Barney
  • Barney pulls Robin to the dance floor
  • Barney lifts Robin during their dance
  • Barney gets a callback from Nora just when Robin is about tell him about her feelings
  • Robin helps Barney to get Nora back
  • Robin tells Ted not to give up on finding "the one"
  • Robin and Ted talk about their "forty-deal"
  • Lily tells the gang that she is pregnant
  • Ted cries while giving his toast
  • Marshall backs Ted up
  • Marshall accidentally reveals that Kelly is pregnant
  • Kelly exclaims how Marshall found out that she is pregnant
  • Kelly and Punchy's dads fighting (the thing which ruined the wedding reception)
  • Lily tells Ted that Barney's bride wants to see him (future)

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