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Ted and Lily

Lily Ted

Started Friendship
First year of college
Current Status
Best Friends

General OutlineEdit

Ted and Lily have been friends since their freshmen year of college. Lily was dating Ted's roommate and future best friend, Marshall Eriksen. During their college years, the three would hang out with each other on a regular basis, based on flashbacks it seems they spent a lot of time getting high together. Ted was even present when Lily lost her virginity to Marshall. After knowing each other for years, Ted and Lily became very close, for example the two have learned when the other is lying. The two have a tradition when the other is mad at each other, one of them would buy the other a beer to make up. Her engagement to Marshall is what sparks Ted to start looking for a wife. For the majority of the show, the two's friendship has been strong until Lily broke off her engagement with Marshall to go to an art fellowship in San Francisco. Ted saw Lily's decision as selfish and took Marshall's side. Even after Lily and Marshall got back together, Ted still had not completely forgiven Lily due to the fact that he felt that she not only left Marshall, but him as well, and she never apologized to him. The two do eventually make up and Lily still continues to try to help Ted find a wife.

One such episode which was against their friendship is How Lily Stole Christmas. In this episode, they actually have a fight because of something that took place in the past - It was when Ted was helping Marshall to move on from Lily after she left him, and to stop moping about her, calling her a "grinch" in the process (Future Ted reveals that he actually used a word much worse than "grinch"). Lily was horrified when she came to know about this, but Ted was still not ready apologize for calling her a "grinch", and even called her a "grinch" after that. However, they make up at the end of the episode.


Ted and Lily (along with Marshall) first met at their freshmen year at college, and have been best friends since then. During her college days, Lily told Ted that she always wanted an Easy-Bake Oven, but never got it because her feminist mother got her a Lego set. Later, Lily did get it for Christmas, but that was only because Ted told Marshall about it.

Show OutlineEdit

Ted changes a tire on Marshall's Fiero

Ted and Lily discussing her art program

Season 1  Edit

In Season 1, Ted helps Marshall with his proposal to Lily, which she eventually accepts.  Lily later helps Ted with Natalie, giving him advice on how to get her back (although she was angry at him at first for the way he dumped her the first time).  They begin to encounter problems in their friendship when Lily decides to move in with Marshall and Ted in The Duel, as Lily makes changes throughout the Apartment, much to Ted's dismay.  Lily also turns to Ted in  Milk after she decides that she wants to go to San Francisco for an art program.

Significant EpisodesEdit

Season 1Edit

  • Milk - Lily turns to Ted when she can't confide in Marshall about her wedding fears.

Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit

Season 4Edit

  • The Front Porch - Ted learns that Lily has been sabotaging his relationships.
  • The Leap - Lily helps Ted realize he should take the job as a professor.

Season 5Edit

  • Duel Citizenship - Ted gets annoyed when Marshall asks Lily to go on a trip, which was only meant for him and Ted.
  • Say Cheese - Ted brings a girl to Lily's birthday party. She forgives him when she recalls how he welcomed her back in college.

Season 6Edit

  • The Exploding Meatball Sub - Lily tricks Ted into going to the airport with her and tells him that she going to Spain to take some time off as she is getting tired of supporting Marshall.

Season 7Edit

Season 8Edit

  • The Stamp Tramp - Ted tries to dispel Lily's claim that he has never sealed his own stamp of approval and piggybacked on everybody else's ideas.
  • Band or DJ? - Ted and Lily confess to each other how hard a time they are having lately.
  • Something New - Lily accompanies Ted to see his house in Westchester which has finished renovating. However, Lily sees a "For Sale" sign, and Ted tells her that he is selling the house, and moving to Chicago to find the love of his life there. Lily tries to talk him out of it but soon realizes that reason Ted is moving is because he doesn't want to be around Barney and Robin after they are married.

Season 9Edit

  • The Poker Game - Lily thinks Ted didn't get her and Marshall a wedding gift. She forgives him after finding out Stuart stole it.


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