First Appearance
Sven Jorgensen, Sven Pilsen, Sven Johanssen
Portrayed by
Kevin Christy, Ted Cannon and Sam Littlefield

Sven is the name of the architectural collective comprising of Sven Jorgensen, Sven Pilsen, and Sven Johannsen.

They appear from nowhere in the GNB search committee's office to pitch their idea for the new GNB company building, which is in the shape of a Tyrannosaurus Rex with a lightning bolt coming through the right side of its chest. Sven Jorgensen asks, "Which of you is Barney Stinson, head of the search committee?" to which Barney is ecstatic. Jorgensen continues, "You, Barney Stinson, are a man of power and virility. Your office shall be here, in the head of a Tyrannosaurus Rex!" Barney's response was this: "I never knew it till now, but I've always dreamed of that."

Sven is chosen by Barney to take on the project of the new GNB headquarters instead of Ted, which breaks Ted's heart and greatly angers Marshall to the point of locking Barney on the roof of the GNB building. Marshall teaches Barney his mistake and he revoked the job from Sven, giving it to Ted, but the project would later be cancelled without Ted's knowledge. (Woooo!)

In a later episode, Sven steal another opportunity from Ted when he is designing a building, a rib joint. They took Ted's idea of using a cowboy hat and made the building into a T-rex wearing a cowboy hat. It is very similar to the building Sven proposed to GNB. (The Leap)

Notes and Trivia

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