Super Date

Of course - super date

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Super Date is a song that Ted sings to Barney about to plan the ultimate super date for Anita, a woman would refuses to a sleep with him until at least the seventeenth date. (Of Course)


Superdate - HIMYM01:39

Superdate - HIMYM

Super Date - Lyrics

You don't have to take her
To Paris or Peru
You just have to make her understand
What she means to you

On your super date
Troubles of the world
Will simply have to wait
For wonders and amazements
Served up on a silver plate

Hurry up, now
Don't be late
Cause hand-in-hand
You'll find the land
Where paradise awaits

And then, boom! Fireworks over the Manhatten skyline. Ya kiss her!

And that's your super date


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