Portrayed by:
Gina Comparetto
First appearance:
Ted Mosby (ex-boyfriend)
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Strawberry was one of Ted's short-term girlfriends, that Lily calls one of his 'random skanks'.

He brought her over when they celebrated Marshall passing the bar exam. Presumably Ted started to date her shortly after he broke up with Cathy (Spoiler Alert, when Marshall passes the bar). She is shown to be a vegetarian and dislikes people that cook/eat meat, as seen when the chef was cooking meat, she threw red paint all over the chef shouting "MEAT IS MURDER! AAAHHH!" and storming out.

At Lily's thirty-second birthday (Say Cheese), Lily lists Strawberry as evidence of Ted bringing strange girls to group events and ruining them. When Ted asks how he could have known bringing Strawberry was a bad idea the gang reply "Her name was Strawberry!" in unison.

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