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Night Security Guard
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Stan is a night security guard who spent some time with Barney and Marshall in The Three Days Rule.

In The Three Days Rule, Marshall and Barney thought they could get Ted to say I love you to Holli before he even makes contact with her, and that's when they met Stan. Stan's a guy in the next booth over asking why they are being so loud. Marshall and Barney tell him the Ted story and Stan gives them heartfelt things to say to Ted as Holli, including a quote from Pablo Neruda. Barney and Marshall practically wept and fell in love with Stan as he fed them the lines.

Later at the bar, Robin, Marshall, and Barney are sitting together when Stan comes in. Marshall and Barney are excited to see him and want to hang out, but Stan says that he has a date, he turns to Robin and asks if she is ready. Barney and Marshall practically beg that they should have their date with them. Stan says its time to say goodbye to them, they had a great afternoon together, but its over. As he and Robin walk out, she asks if he even knows their names, to which Stan replies, "no".

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