This page is about Splitsville, the restaurant. For Splitsville, an episode in season 8, see Splitsville.


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Splitsville is a restaurant in New York City located near MacLaren's Pub. According to Barney it's "the place to end a relationship".

In the fall of 2012, Robin tells the gang that she tried to tell Nick about breaking up, but failed, after seeing how hard Nick's abs are. Barney then suggests that the breakup take place at Splitsville, a nearby restaurant where everyone dumps their partners.

During the date, Robin tries to tell Nick that they're breaking up and puts her phone on speaker so Lily, Marshall, Ted and Barney can hear the breakup as it happened. However, Nick seduces Robin and she is about to give in when Barney marches down to the restaurant and proclaims his love for her. It is too much for Nick, who cries so hard about a broken heart, he even attracts the attention of two crying women who were just dumped.

Later, Ted meets up with his architect teammates at Splitsville, who promptly throw him off their basketball team by ordering a banana split for him.


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