S.S. Dibs
Sir Walter Dibs was the inventor of "Dibs", according to Barney. In Big Days, Ted is sitting at the booth, planning to go speak to a girl at the bar. Before he worked up the courage to do so, however, Barney called dibs. Ted argues that Barney cannot call dibs on a girl he had been "sitting there thinking about maybe talking to eventually at some point," since he had "implied dibs". Barney scoffs this notion, saying that Ted is spitting on the grave of the inventor of dibs, Sir Walter Dibs. Barney begins telling the tale of Sir Walter Dibs.

"It was 1652. The S.S. Dibs was lost at sea..."

Ted interrupts Barney, claiming that he doesn't have time for a fake history lesson.

Later on, Ted bought "dibs" on the "bar-girl" from Barney for $20, after turning down Barney's initial offer of $250,000, as well as getting a chance to at least "smell her". Shortly after, Barney and Ted realize that the bar-girl was actually a possible lesbian/bi-sexual, who was currently engaged in a potential relationship with Ted's (short-time) ex-girlfriend Cindy, with whom Future Ted reveals she had a daughter.

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