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HIMYM Season 2

Season 2 of How I Met Your Mother aired from September 18, 2006 to May 14, 2007 and contained 22 episodes from Where Were We? to Something Blue.


Ted and Robin are now a couple, and a heartbroken Marshall tries to continue his life without Lily. Realizing she is not an artist, Lily returns to New York. She is reunited with Marshall, and the season culminates in their marriage. Barney loses a "slap bet," which permits Marshall to slap him in the face five times at any given time in the future, whenever Marshall chooses, which he does twice during this season.The first in the same episode, and second when Barney puts on a show. It is revealed that Barney has a gay, black brother (Wayne Brady). Barney believes that Bob Barker is his father and takes a trip to California to be a contestant on The Price is Right. Everyone discovers Robin was a Canadian teen pop star in the early 90s, with a hit single "Let's Go To The Mall". The music video is viewed by Barney hundreds of times.

In the season finale, Ted reveals to Barney that he and Robin have been broken up for some time due to their conflicting views on marriage. They didn't tell anyone in order to avoid taking attention away from Lily and Marshall's wedding. The season ends with Barney excited at the prospect of Ted and himself being single guys on the town again.


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Episode List: 2006-2007

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
2x01 Where Were We?
Carter Bays
Craig Thomas
Pamela Fryman
September 18, 2006
Marshall is depressed over his and Lily's break up. Things get worse when he learns she might be back in town.
2x02 The Scorpion and the Toad
Carter Bays
Craig Thomas
Chris Harris
Rob Greenberg
September 25, 2006
Barney helps Marshall get back into the singles' scene. Lily is back in town and Ted and Robin try to learn the truth about how she feels about the breakup.
Brunch photo Brunch
Stephen Lloyd
Pamela Fryman
October 2, 2006
Ted discovers that his parents are keeping a secret from him after his dad acts as Barney's wingman. Marshall and Lily try to get each other aroused. Robin doesn't understand Ted's mother's reaction to her.
Ted mosby architect - ted flirts Ted Mosby: Architect
Kristin Newman
Pamela Fryman
October 9, 2006
Barney tells Ted that single women like architects. But will Ted use this useful tidbit of information to cheat on Robin after they have their first fight?
Worlds greatest couple World's Greatest Couple
Brenda Hsueh
Pamela Fryman
October 16, 2006
Things get weird when Lily moves in with Barney. Marshall's relationship with Brad gets out of hand.
Aldrin justice - lily meets druthers Aldrin Justice
Jamie Rhonheimer
Pamela Fryman
October 23, 2006
Ted gets Lily a job as an office assistant at his architecture firm. Barney tries to seduce Marshall's law professor.
Swarley Swarley
Greg Malins
Pamela Fryman
November 6, 2006
Marshall goes on his first date since the break up with Lily much to her dismay. Barney gets a new nickname.
Atlantic city - quickie wedding Atlantic City
Maria Ferrari
Pamela Fryman
November 13, 2006
Marshall and Lily elope to Atlantic City, but they discover that getting married in Atlantic City isn't as easy as getting married in Las Vegas.
Slap bet - young robin Slap Bet
Kourtney Kang
Pamela Fryman
November 20, 2006
Ted tries to uncover a secret about Robin's past. Barney and Marshall have a slap bet riding on the outcome and Lily serves as the Slap Bet Commissioner.
Single stamina Single Stamina
Kristin Newman
Pamela Fryman
November 27, 2006
Barney's gay, black brother comes to town to serve as a wingman and the gang discovers a secret he is keeping from Barney.
How lily stole christmas2 How Lily Stole Christmas
Brenda Hsueh
Pamela Fryman
December 11, 2006
A rift forms between Lily and Ted after they find an old answering machine message where Ted badmouths Lily after she left Marshall.
First time in NewYork Empire State First Time In New York
Gloria Calderon Kellet
Pamela Fryman
January 8, 2007
Robin tries to talk her younger sister, who is visiting NYC, not to lose her virginity. The gang all recount tales of their own first times.
Columns - Ted and Hammond Columns
Matt Kuhn
Rob Greenberg
January 22, 2007
Ted struggles to fire an employee. Meanwhile, Barney and Robin find an old nude portrait of Marshall that Lily painted, which prompts Barney to hire Lily to paint him.
Monday night football - sensory deprivator 1 Monday Night Football
Carter Bays
Craig Thomas
Rob Greenberg
February 5, 2007
The gang must postpone their viewing of the Super Bowl and must avoid hearing about the game until then.
Lucky penny - racing to the flight Lucky Penny
Jamie Rhonheimer
Pamela Fryman
February 12, 2007
Ted recounts events leading up to being too late for a flight: Barney runs the Marathon in Marshall's stead, Lily and Robin camp outside a shop for a sale.
Stuff- coitus interuptus Stuff
Kourtney Kang
Pamela Fryman
February 19, 2007
Robin is upset when she learns how much of Ted's stuff came from his exes. Barney gets revenge on Lily for making him see her bad play by putting on a play of his own.
Arrivederci fiero Arrivederci, Fiero
Chris Harris
Pamela Fryman
February 26, 2007
Marshall's Fiero breaks down. The gang each recall memorable times in the car and how it brought them closer together.
Moving day Moving Day
Maria Ferrari
Pamela Fryman
March 19, 2007
Ted plans to move in with Robin, but Barney steals the moving truck until he can convince Ted not to move in. Meanwhile, Lily and Marshall experience living without Ted for the first time.
Bachelor party - car ride Bachelor Party
Carter Bays
Craig Thomas
Pamela Fryman
April 9, 2007
Ted plans Marshall's bachelor party but Barney can't help intervening. Meanwhile, things get awkward when Robin brings a provocative gift to Lily's bachelorette party.
Showdown Showdown
Gloria Calderon Kellet
Pamela Fryman
April 30, 2007
Ted plans his best man speech for Marshall and Lily's wedding. Robin helps Lily gain weight to fit into her wedding dress. Meanwhile, Barney trains for an appearance on the Price is Right.
Something borrowed Something Borrowed
Greg Malins
Pamela Fryman
May 7, 2007
Marshall and Lily are about to get married but the wedding is becoming one disaster after another.
Something blue - barney worried Something Blue
Carter Bays
Craig Thomas
Pamela Fryman
May 14, 2007
At Marshall and Lily's wedding reception, Robin and Ted unveil a shocking secret.
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