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Scott is a teenage neighbor of Marshall and Lily, who appeared in Symphony of Illumination.

Marshall wants to have better Christmas decorations than neighborhood rival Richard Holdman, planning an entire display which he names the "Symphony of Illumination" for the Long Island house. When he begins the installation, he gratefully accepts an offer of assistance from a neighborhood teenager, Scott. However, Scott leaves him stranded on the roof, steals Marshall's phone and uses it to his advantage when texting Lily, and throws a party in Marshall's house. Though Marshall briefly relents, recalling his own antics when he was young, he is outraged when he sees Scott abusing a giant stocking that his late grandmother had knitted for Marshall's future child. He remains stranded on the roof until Lily arrives, unwittingly paying Scott, 50 dollars for his help, before she sees the damage Scott has caused in the house during the party.

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