Robin and Tracy
Started Friendship
Current Status
Former Friends (Tracy's death ends their relationship)

General Outline

Robin and Tracy's relationship is actually somewhat complicated. They start out friendly towards each  other when they meet in The End of the Aisle.

In Last Forever - Part Two, they are still friends, but their relationship starts to strain on Robin's end after Barney and Robin get divorced in 2016, and Robin soon realizes she still has feelings for Ted (of which, Tracy seems unaware). Robin's feelings might have been what prompted her to move to Morocco and Greece. 


Despite Robin's feelings for Ted, she does attend Tracy's wedding in 2020, at Tracy's insistence.

Their friendship ends in 2024, when Tracy dies.

Significant Episodes

Season 9

Other Notes

  • Even though her thoughts on the subject are never specifically stated, Tracy seems perfectly okay with Ted and Robin's past relationship. One way she shows her acceptance of this is by persuading Robin to come to her wedding, despite Robin saying she wasn't going. 
  • It can be assumed Robin attended Tracy's Funeral in 2024, despite her constant traveling for her job.
  • It is unknown when Robin's feelings for Ted resurface after her divorce, but she does state her uncomfortableness with the situation to Lily at a Halloween party when she says "The 'gang' consists of a married couple I barely see anymore, my ex-husband, the man I should be with (Ted) and the beautiful mother of his child (Tracy)."