Professor Vinick
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Architecture Professor at Wesleyan
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Professor Vinick is an architecture professor at Wesleyan, who taught Ted Mosby while he was there.


With the construction of the New GNB Headquarters finished, Ted decides to call Professor Vinick, who in 1996 said that his building design was terrible and that he would never be an architect, to the opening to show him that he did become an architect.

Later, Ted gets an RSVP from Professor Vinick, declining the invitation, since he doesn't remember Ted. This makes Ted furious, and he decides to drive to Wesleyan, accompanied by Marshall, Lily and Barney, to confront Vinick. At Wesleyan, Ted sits at the back of class taught by Vinick, thinking about how to confront him, but is impressed by the lecture he is giving. After the lecture, Ted sees Vinick, telling him that he is an old student of his and showing him drawing of the GNB building, but Vinick says that it is hideous and again tells Ted that he will never be an architect.

Ted then makes a 3-D model of his building to get Vinick's approval, but after talking with Lily and Marshall, realizes that he doesn't need Vinick's approval, and is about to throw the model of his building when Vinick sees him, and tells him that it's sad that he made a model of his building to prove some sort of point, but when Ted tells him that he was about to throw it away, Vinick doesn't believe him.


  • Professor Vinick greatly resembles Ted, dressing the same way and even having a hairstyle that resembles Ted's. While it could be a coincidence, a possible reason for this is that Ted still respected Vinick so much he imitated him in many ways.

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