Professor Lewis
P. Lewis
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Law school professor
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Professor Lewis was one of Marshall's law school professors at Columbia.

She taught constitutional law. Frustrated Marshall tells everyone that he and everyone is failing their exams because she's so uptight. So Barney decides to sleep with her. Barney sleeps with her in order to get better grades for Marshall. Barney manages to convince her to let him into her bed but after a strenuous night, she stuns him with a grade of 'C-'. Marshall says that Barney seems to have only made her angry. Barney sees Professor Lewis again and again she is unimpressed. Finally, he begs her for a final chance.

In the end, the gang end up visiting Barney in the hospital because he has dislocated a hip in his efforts to please the cougar. Thankfully, his efforts were rewarded with a 'B+' for Marshall's paper. Barney wants to try to get Marshall an 'A', but Marshall tells Barney to let her go; a cougar belongs in the wild. (Aldrin Justice)

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