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Pauline is a bodybuilder who presumably works out at Total Rip Fitness.

In Right Place, Right TimeBarney had planned for Petra Petrova, a supermodel, to be the 200th woman he had slept with. After showing Ted and Robin his 'list', Robin pointed out he had used the same name twice, lowering down his current total to 198. In a desperate attempt to sleep with another woman before Petra arrived, Barney resorted to Pauline, a bodybuilder from his gym, who had been 'into' him for "quite a while".

Nearly 2 hours later, Barney returns to the bar after having sex with Pauline just in time for Petra's arrival. Barney said that "Every inch of her tasted like roast beef and creatine". However, Robin then informs him that while he did use the same name twice, he also used a number twice, leaving Pauline the 200th girl Barney has had sex with - much to Barney's regret.

A week later, Ted checked out Pauline in the magazine “Muscle Sexxy”, and conveyed great disgust.