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Ted explains the Olive Theory to Robin

The Olive Theory
is based on Lily and Marshall. Ted describes the theory to Robin in the Pilot episode. Marshall hates olives, but Lily loves them, and in Ted's opinion, that's what makes them a great couple; perfect balance.

However, this is later revealed to be untrue. Later in the episode, Barney tells Marshall he's seen him eat olives before, and questions him about it. Marshall then concedes and admits he does like olives, however on their first date, he let Lily eat his olives, claiming that he didn't want them because he hated olives. At the end of the episode, Marshall tells Lily the truth, that he does like olives. Lily tells him that they'll "make it work", and then kisses him.

In Platonish it is revealed that Robin actually likes olives. In the fall of 2012 Ted saw her eating olives and states that he thought she hated them. Robin then answers "I guess I changed my mind".

Allusions and Outside ReferencesEdit

  • The olive theory is taken from the comedian Paul Rieser's book, Couplehood.
  • The olive theory is similar to the theory that "Opposites Attract".

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