Ode to Virginia

Ode to Virginia

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Ode to Virginia is a song that Clint sings to Ted's mother Virginia at their wedding in Home Wreckers. The sexual intimacy of the song makes Ted very uncomfortable but Barney and Robin sing along to it. It is also featured on the How I Met Your Mother Soundtrack.


Soundtrack Version

Ode to Virginia - How I Met Your Music (GNB)01:10

Ode to Virginia - How I Met Your Music (GNB)

The song from the Soundtrack

When I squeeze her trembling bosom
The blood pumps to my loins
When I penetrate her fortress
Our souls like twins conjoined

And our love is frozen,
And our love is fire,
And our love is sacred and true,
And Mahatma Gandhi,
And the pancakes (everyone),
And the dragon
And you... Virginia

Barney's Blog Version

When I squeeze your trembling bosom
The blood pumps to my loins
When I penetrate the conservative facade
Our kindred spirits adjoin
You are my Mahatma Gandhi
My life changed by your peaceful grace

I could banish war with Mahatma Gandhi
I could nourish world hunger with pancakes
I could slay injustice with the dragon
I could be more than me with you

The riverbed had gone arid
My spirits famished and unable to crawl
But then your warm golden rays shined upon me
Causing my emptiness to go AWOL
You are my warm stack of pancakes
Your sweet taste satiates my soul

The world is shrouded in clouds of hate
The scales do not balance
Alone I am a swordless soldier
Together we have limitless valiance
You are my dragon
I will ride you to new heights

I thought I had found love before
But it was a two-faced politician
It was not pure like our love
Destroying my heart was its mission
You are my you and I am my you too
The matching piece to my heart puzzle

I am complete
With Mahatma Gandhi,
And the pancakes,
And the dragon
And you... Virginia

Notes and Trivia

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